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Find songs (composings) and music projects

Get a fast overview about all songs and music projects!

That's how the "search" works ...
Just leave the fields empty and click "search" to get all results.
Or enter your search criterias in one or more fields to narrow your search.
Click "Reset" to clear the search results and to return to this text.
The list can be sorted and paginated as well.

As soon as the list shows up you can play songs, rate or download them, add them to your playlist
or jump into the relating music project by clicking on the respective song- or project name.
The search result will also displays the songs/composings rating.

Empty projects or projects containing 'locked tracks' only (e.g. locked by Admin for copyright reasons) do not show up !
Private projects are displayed in italic writing but can not be entered without previously being invited by the project initiator.

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