Project name: The Passage of Time Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1c9c1 Tracks: 3 Key: ?-?
Initiator: geraldinetaylor bpm: 84 Duration: 2:13

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    1 The Passage of Time
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      Artist image geraldinetaylor

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      Title: 798
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      cc-ID: 3 Artist:Artist image geraldinetaylor started: 06.07.2017 last mod.: 06.07.2017Based on: -- Options:

        Verse 1 To experience the seasons brought therein To elaborate beyond where we begin To gravitate through intricated ways To thus behold the miracle of days To belong, to be loved, to be more than enough May souls align with blessings from above Chorus There’s no measure, I will treasure All in my life, of which come to mind With due reason, it is the season For embracing the passage of time The passage of time Verse 2 So invaluable are moments from the heart The yearning for, in times we spent apart May we reconcile all undelivered peace Let all creativity of soul release To belong, to be loved, to be more than enough May souls align with blessings from above Chorus Bridge Times unmissable, undeniable Let us capture the joy, it’s so plentiful Change is pivotal, live empirical Let’s savour this moment in time Chorus Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

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