Project name: Opportunity Genre: Rap Beat: ?
Project ID: 1d3b1 Tracks: 1 Key: ?-?
Initiator: Ulcur bpm: 84 Duration: 0:00

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    cc-ID: 1 Artist:Artist image Ulcur started: 24.12.2017 last mod.: 24.12.2017Based on: -- Options: (1)
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      says to this track: Date:01.03.18

      " Interested "

      Hi I'm an aspiring producer, we can collab & I can help and try to make a beat for your lyrics a hip hop type also open for any suggestions :)

    WHERE DOES THIS COME FROM? My idea is to inspire young people to go out and go for it. To go for the highest goal, that what others claim 'impossible'. Base line: bring hope, not to give up. Never stop looking around for ... opportunities! And have fun taking them :) IDEA OF A SONG : (2 people take turns singing these lines, they talk to themselves and the audience (R1 and R2)) OPPORTUNITY R1 You're waiting for your friends, they don't know... R2 Where to go... R1 Waitin' for the money R2 or the honey R1 no no no R1 Waitin' for the time R2 you feel fine R1 you will shine R2 Is a lie you've been told R1 cause you're never too young R2 and never too old! Refr. R1 YOU'VE GOT TO MAKE YO... R2 OPPORTUNITY R1 YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE YO... R2 OPPORTUNITY R1 GOTTO GO OUT R2 AND TAKE IT R1 GOTOT GO OUT R2 AND MAKE IT R1 Doesn't help if you try R2 or pretend R1 Or you fake it R2 Doesn't help if you cry R1 asking why R2 Or just hate it Refr. --- R1 Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah R2 Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah --- (Now looking at the audience:) R1 So what you ('ve) got to do? R1 I'm asking! R2 So what you ('ve) got to do? R1 I'm asking! R1R2 You!µ R1R2 Who the f*ck are you? R1R2 We'll spell it out for you! (slow and more softly goinf louder and louder) R1R2 Whatever You wanna be R1R2 Whatever You wanna be R1R2 Whatever You wanna be R1R2 Whatever You wanna be R1R2 Whatever You wanna be ... (END:) R1R2 Cause your taking the... R1R2 OPPORTUNITY!