Project name: curacao kizomba Genre: World Music Beat: 4/4
Project ID: 1d5e1 Tracks: 2 Key: C-major
Initiator: Curasound bpm: 80 Duration: 4:24

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      Artist image Curasound

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      cc-ID: 2 Artist:Artist image RebelRed started: 09.02.2018 last mod.: 09.02.2018Based on: -- Options:

        (Begin @ 23 seconds) My darling boy, you have left me Gone to Heaven, Broke my heart. What's the reason? Did you lose some money? Did you cross a friend? Did they not like the colour of your skin? (.44 - .49) Now I am left here, all alone With nothing but sadness in my soul (1.00 to 1.11 instrumental) (@1.11) But we will stand tall, undefeated My voice and yours (1.17 - 1.22) War is over if you want it Peace is yours if you want it Chorus (1.36 - 3.11) (Choir sing - repeat) War is over if you really want it Peace is yours if you really want it (@ 2.03) Just take it! (3.12 to 3.22) instrumental We must stand together as one for our future. For the better of all and not just the few. With reason and determination and not discrimination. Through violence they have taken my darling boy. Now I pray to the heavens that you are safely home.

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