Project name: Progressive House Genre: Electronic Beat: 4/4
Project ID: 1d9c1 Tracks: 1 Key: C-major
Initiator: monokeros bpm: 128 Duration: 1:00
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    ... says to this project: Date:21.04.18

    " Fem. Vocalist and Songwriter "

    I'm looking for a female singer and songwriter, to create and sing lyrics for a new progressive house track. In the project file is an audio file of the chord progression (C-G-Am-F-C-G-Em-F) with a basic house beat. I haven't created the track yet. I've only written the chord progression. I'll create the melody etc around the vocals. As the vocalist and songwriter you're free to chose the content, mood etc of the lyrics. Contact me:
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    ... says to this project: Date:23.04.18

    " Im a Female Singer/Writer "

    Hi there, i just read your ad and was wondering what exactly you are looking for. I write and record tracks and can record at home. Let me know what you are looking for and whats your budget. Have a lovely day, Panah
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    ... says to this project: Date:23.04.18

    " Re: "Im a Female Singer/Writer " "

    What I'm looking for: Well, I really like the older tracks of NoCopyrightSounds, like "Waking Up" from "Culture Code" or the older "Jim Yosef" and "Elektronomia" tracks, and thats the direction i want to go with my music. With the song structure at least. So the lyrics shouldn't be too dark, maybe something uplifting. And like i said the rest I'd build around the vocals, so it fits them. As for the budget: Well, the track probably won't make any money, but if it will, I'd be sure to give you a part of it. Dunno, like 50% sounds fine for me. But I've never really done this before and I've started with producing to too long ago. So for the budget, I'd say not over 300. Is this enough or not? And could you send me some of your previous works too? Have a nice day Tim

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