Project name: Don't break my heart Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1dc21 Tracks: 1 Key: ?-?
Initiator: Ringmaster347 bpm: 84 Duration: 0:00

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    cc-ID: 1 Artist:Artist image Ringmaster347 started: 06.08.2018 last mod.: 06.08.2018Based on: -- Options:

      You say you don't want me You tear me down My heart was for you Then you go breaking my heart oh oh oh your breaking my heart I'm a diamond in the rough without your love Baby can't you see that maybe we should be together So don't go breaking my heart breaking my heart Life gets hard but all do is tear me down Can't you see that all ive done was help you Girl don't you know that your breaking my heart breaking my heart Give me one more chance ill be you life line baby Girl you make really wonder how you live your life with puting people down Ohhhh ohhhh can't you see that ive been there for you showed you love when no on else would Life is hard to understand but with you it's just a challenge no on can complete So don't go breaking my heart oh breaking my heart Break my heart I'll let slide For a girl who left me out of the blue hurt my heart