Project name: Sweet NOLA Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1cd01 Tracks: 4 Key: ?-?
Initiator: BcCaster bpm: 84 Duration: 3:26

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    1Sweet NOLA09.12.2017Others138 (4)

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    7 Sweet NOLA( Aaron ..
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      Artist image BcCaster
      2 Sweet NOLA( Aaron ..
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        says to this track: Date:09.12.17

        " Final project "

        Great Job Aaron
      Artist image BcCaster

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      cc-ID: 12
      Title: NOLA COVER
      Cover pictureArtist :Artist image BcCaster
      Annotation :
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      last mod.:21.12.17

      cc-ID: 3 Artist:Artist image BcCaster started: 09.12.2017 last mod.: 09.12.2017Based on: -- Options:

        SWEET NOLA (Verse 1) Another night and I know that I'm not at home I reached the bottom of another empty bottle and it's time to go I'm gonna grab my guitar Pay my Tab Walk out to the corner and catch me a cab And take to somewhere I'm all alone (Chorus) 1 So, if you hear me talking to myself Just don't think I'm crazy I'm lonely and I want to go back home Oh, my sweet NOLA (Verse2) Another night another lonely song I keep on counting all the reasons people say I should be moving on I think I'll go out tonight have some fun Listen to the band until the music is done And try to forget Everything wrong (Chorus) 2 So, if you hear me talking to myself Just don't think I'm crazy I'm lonely and I wanna go back home So, if you see me dancing in the wind You Know, I miss my NOLA I'm holding on to things I can't let go Yeah (Bridge) Maybe I'm a dreamer or I'm just a fool Anything is better than spending my life without you. I'm gonna pack a bag and leave tonight Hop on a bus or catch the 1st flight And take it somewhere That gets me back to you (Coda) So, if you see me smiling to myself Just don't think I'm crazy I on my way and finally heading home Ohhhhh my sweet NOLA Authors Aaron Zhang / BC Caster

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        Sweet NOLA( Aaron ..,
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        Cover: NOLA COVER
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