Project name: Minimal Hangdrum Genre: Techno Beat: ?
Project ID: 421 Tracks: 3 Key: ?-?
Initiator: Tonstrom bpm: 123 Duration: 3:54

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    1Minimal Hangdrum08.09.2009Techno76 (2)

    cc-IDInstrument / Artist B.o. Amplitude / AnnotationDur.startedmodifiedOptions
    8 Deejaycostyno
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      Artist image DeejayCostyno
      1 3 - minimal hang r..
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        says to this track: Date:05.09.09

        " Fehlende infos.. ;) "

        sorry leute, habe den track vor längerer zeit gemacht u gerade nur die mp3 hier, da ich nicht zuhause bin. also bezgl. tempo u soweiter bin ich mir nich mehr sicher. wird bei interesse nachgereicht.. gruß rob
      Artist image Tonstrom

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      cc-ID: 3 Artist:Artist image silentbeats started: 24.04.2012 last mod.: 24.04.2012Based on: -- Options:

        Imagination I am sitting there wondering, how would it be If she ever said, she wanted to stay with me And the sorrow and the agony would disappear Making it all okay Every face reminds me of her, when I’m walking down the street Every smile and every gaze in a person that I meet And my childish imagination is bounding me I can’t forget her and walk away Because what I did, led this to be The part of my life I regret immensely And the shadows of the days that used to be Are just fading today Seconds from the past Memories that will forever last And a heart that will never rest Until she would love me again Feeling that are given away Methods to make me pay And a heart is founded to stray Because I thought it’s just another game I’m sitting there lonely imagining her face The cold wind ready to embrace It’s like trying solve a dead end case You can’t undo what is done

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        3 - minimal hang r..,
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        3: 54 / 221